Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Milestone 2: A New Hope

I'm feeling better about things now. The project is recovering, though it's still at risk because the Milestone 2 effort has consumed about one-third of the Milestone 3 budget so far, with more to come.  My goal for the remainder of this week is to finish testing all of the Power Tokens, fix the Auto Defense and Combat Results toggles, and correct any other issues discovered in the meantime.

If I cannot get all of Milestone 2 accomplished by the end of the week, I'm going to shelve it temporarily and move on to Milestone 3.  I figure that it's better to have all three milestones mostly complete than to have one that's entirely absent.

Below is an updated status of the Milestone 2 requirements as they stand right now. In summary, here are the stats:
  • All 18 requirements of Milestone 2 have been verified.
  • 11 requirements have been validated successfully.
  • 3 requirements had inconclusive test results.
  • 4 requirements are defective.

Milestone 2: Combat Resolution

Requirement ID Description Status
2.1 When a unit is attacked, the system shall notify the player controlling the unit by presenting a Defend UI which allows selection of a defensive combat token from the player’s inventory. Complete
2.2 The game server shall resolve combat interactions by evaluating the stats of the characters and their selected combat tokens and updating the data model accordingly. Complete
2.2.1 The combat evaluator shall process Combat Tokens for their basic attack and defense values. Complete
2.2.2 The combat evaluator shall process the Vampire Power Token | If the attack does damage, the attacker heals one hit point per unit of damage dealt. Inconclusive
2.2.3 The combat evaluator shall process the Lucky Shot Power Token | If the attack does damage, the damage amount is doubled. Complete
2.2.4 The combat evaluator shall process the Desperation Power Token | The attack value is normally 4, but if the attacker is the only remaining member of the team, then the attack value is 10. Complete
2.2.5 The combat evaluator shall process the Blaze of Glory Power Token | If the attack does damage, the damage amount is doubled, but if the attack is blocked, the attacker takes 5 points of damage. Complete
2.2.6 The combat evaluator shall process the Reflection Power Token | Any attack, regardless of power, is reflected back at the attacker. The defender takes no damage. Defective
2.2.7 The combat evaluator shall process the Resolve Power Token | Defense value goes up as the character health goes down. DF = maxHP - currentHP Inconclusive
2.2.8 The combat evaluator shall process the Lucky Break Power Token | If the attack is blocked, any excess defense points are converted to health points for your unit. Inconclusive
2.2.9 The combat evaluator shall process the Shatter and Scatter Power Token | If the attack is blocked, each member of the attacking team takes two points of damage. Defective
2.2.10 The combat evaluator shall process Grenade Tokens | The attack functions like a Combat Token but cannot be blocked, has no defense value, and does two points of damage to all characters or containers within a two-meter radius of the primary target. Complete
2.3 The game server shall broadcast a summary of combat results to all connected players. Complete
2.4 The system shall provide a Combat Results toggle that allows players to opt out of seeing the detailed combat summaries at the conclusion of each combat interaction. Defective
2.5 The user interface shall display a combat summary screen when combat results are received from the game server IFF the Combat Results option is turned on. Complete
2.6 The system shall provide an Auto Defense option that players may activate if they would rather have the game select their tokens for them automatically when their units are attacked. Defective
2.7 The system shall display an event log on the HUD which records the actions taken by all units in the game. Complete
2.8 AI players shall be able to defend against attacks subject to the same rules as the human players. Complete

It just occurred to me as I was updating the requirements status list that the inconclusive Power Token tests all involve a specialized modification or referencing of a unit's health in a way that is beyond the basic processing of a combat interaction. I wonder if that's a coincidence or if there's a common root cause of a defect. More testing will happen ASAP to find out.

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