Thursday, April 5, 2012

Milestone 1, Phase 2 Complete

Requirement 1.3 is verified and validated!  Here's the actual statement for reference:
Requirement 1.3:  If the Attack action is available and is selected from the Actions Menu, the system shall display the directions in which an attack is possible and allow selection of one of these directions.
When I left off on Monday, there were just a few details left I finished 'em.  The target validation works correctly for all conditions now, and the attack direction arrows are clickable.

This signals the end of Milestone 1, Phase 2.  So next I'm moving on to the final phase of Milestone 1, which consists of the following three requirements:

1.4 The system shall provide an Auto Attack option that players may select if they would rather have the game select their tokens for them automatically after issuing the Attack command.
1.5 After the player has selected a direction for attack, the system shall display the offensive combat tokens from the player’s inventory and allow the selection of a token to spend IFF the Auto Attack option is turned off.
1.6 AI players shall be able to issue Attack commands that are subject to the same validation rules as the human players.

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