Sunday, May 13, 2012

Milestone 2 Target is Today

My fears may be coming true. Today was the target completion date for Milestone 2 and I didn't quite make it. The day's not over, but I also have a considerable task list of things to do for my job today, so I'm going to work on Milestone 2 this afternoon and see how far I can get before switching over to work-related tasks this evening.  It was, in fact, my oppressive work load that has keep me from progressing on Team Laser Combat in these last two weeks, so I desperately need to catch up to the project timeline.

There was a huge breakthrough this morning, however.  I spent all day yesterday working on a series of horrible bugs that seemed invincible.  From the time I woke up until the time I went back to bed, it was nothing but troubleshooting (intermixed with taking care of my baby son, of course).  But this morning, I had an epiphany that included multiple solutions to multiple bugs.  I tried the ideas, and they worked on the first try!

Details will follow in the next official progress report, after I get a chance to try my hand at those last remaining requirements in Milestone 2.

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